National Auditorium

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Known for being an art and events center, this space brings together big personalities from the world of performing arts.

Paseo de la Reforma Avenue, very close to the Chapultepec Forest.


Nearby Sites

Campo Marte

A site for festivals and concerts as well as culinary, athletic, and cultural events that is adorned with our tricolored flag.

Polanco Hotel and Restaurant Area

The best flavors in the world and most representative cuisine of the country can be found here. As you walk around, you'll discover hundreds of options.

Lincoln Park

Among its attractions, the out-door Ángela Peralta theater, the bird area, and the reflecting ponds located in the park's center area stand out.

Turitour Stop– Turibus Point of Sale

Enjoy Mexico City to the fullest! Get your tickets for Turibus, Turitour, and themed experiences here.