Zócalo and City Hall

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An urban square with bars, restaurants, and a lively atmosphere with street musicians and vendors.

Centro, 91700 Veracruz, Ver.


Nearby Sites

Hugo Argüelles Veracruz Center

Built in the 19th century with stones from the Veracruz reefs, this is a space for tourists to enjoy and for art lovers to appreciate.

Casa Salvador Diaz Mirón

Having opened its doors in 2017, inside there are documents, furniture, and personal items of this distinguished Veracruz poet on display.

Museum of the City of Veracruz

The Museum of the City of Veracruz is housed in a building that, over the centuries, has been the city’s hospice, the French Marine Hospital, and even an orphanage.

Former Belén  Convent

A building from the vice royal period that was constructed in 1775. In the 19th century, it was renamed as the San Sebastián Hospital after the Patron Saint of the City of Veracruz.