With Turibus, explore Polanco, one of the most exclusive areas in Mexico City.

Admire its modern buildings, enjoy the beautiful parks, and discover the diverse gastronomic offerings that Polanco has for you.

Experience Polanco, appreciate its modernity and exclusivity in CDMX.


Polanco is renowned as one of the most exclusive sites in Mexico City.

Its modern avenues and contemporary architecture offer a unique and enjoyable experience.

During this tour in Polanco, you can explore the highlights of this area and admire sites such as Presidente Masaryk Avenue or the Soumaya Museum, an impressive building housing a vast art collection, including masterpieces of contemporary art.

Discover the variety of gourmet restaurants in this area, such as the iconic 'Carajillo,' as well as exclusive brand stores.

Polanco is the ideal place for those who wish to explore exclusive and contemporary areas in Mexico City.



Adults (13 years and older)

> $240.00 MXN (1-Day Circuit)

> $299.00 MXN (2-Day Circuit)

Children (4 to 12 years) & Mexican Senior Citizens (INAPAM)

> $150.00 MXN (1-Day Circuit)

> $180.00 MXN (2-Day Circuit)

Group (10 people)

> $180.00 MXN (1-Day Circuit / Low Season)

*Displayed prices are subject to change without prior notice. In the case of booking this experience with promotional rates, cancellations or date changes will not be possible.

Polanco Circuit Mexico City

Polanco Circuit Mexico City


- Every day: 09:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.

- Frequency: The Turibus unit will arrive at stops approximately every 90 minutes.

- Important: The arrival time of the Turibus unit at each stop will depend on traffic and weather conditions.

Where to board?

Where to board?

- Locations: National Auditorium, Monument to the Angel of Independence, Cibeles Fountain, Reforma 222, Juarez Hemicycle, Zocalo, Monument to the Revolution.

What’s included?

What’s included?

- Onboard WiFi on Turibus

- Audio guide in 9 languages: german, spanish, french, italian, japanese, mandarin, portuguese, and russian

- Audio guide for children

- Traveler's insurance

Tips to make the most of your tour:

Tips to make the most of your tour:

- Comfortable clothing and footwear

- Cap or hat

- Sunscreen

- Sunglasses

*For a better experience, please adhere to onboard regulations.

*Avoid the use of umbrellas and remain seated while the unit is in motion.

*Refer to our Terms and Conditions of use, as well as our Service Policies and Customer's Privacy Policy.

  • 1- National Auditorium/
    Campo Marte

    Center Route

  • 2-Arquímedes/
    Campos Elíseos

  • 3- Punto México Federal
    Secretariat of Tourism (Sectur)

  • 4-Carajillo Masaryk

  • 5-UNO by
    Real Madrid

  • 6-Masaryk/
    Alejandro Dumas

  • 10-Julio Verne/

  • 9- Soumaya Museum/
    Inbursa Aquarium/
    Jumex Museum

  • 8-Antara
    Fashion Hall

  • 7-Masaryk and Moliere/
    Palacio de los Palacios

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