Turibus Puebla Circuit

7 stops

The best tour to get to know Puebla’s history, culture, and tradition. Explore the most remarkable spots of the city, which are all part of its identity.


Turibus + Cable Car Railway

Duration | 11 hours

A visit like never before, this city is still hiding many secrets that you can discover from above. It’s time to get excited and fall in love with what we know as the “City of Angels.”

Turibus + Michin Aquarium

Duration | 12 hours

Explore the city’s most noteworthy sites, including the Michín Aquarium, where you can interact with incredible species.


Africam Safari

Duration | 6 hours

Africam Safari is a Mexican wildlife conservation park where the animals are free to roam within a controlled environment.

Chignahuapan & Zacatlan

Duration | 13 hours

Two sites that hold magic and tradition in their streets and are ready to surprise you with their cider production, watchmaking, and delicious cuisine.

Cholula & Atlixco

Duration | 7 hours

From the largest plinth in the world to temples, murals, and flowers, these two magical towns will leave you in awe. Don’t forget to try the local cuisine.