Turibus offers you the best basketball experience in Mexico.

Experience the thrill of attending a game with the Mexico City Capitanes in the NBA G League, a league that promotes the development of future stars.

Enjoy an unforgettable experience by immersing yourself in the intensity of a thrilling NBA G League regular-season game.


Cheer passionately for the local team, 'Los Capitanes,' or enjoy a unique interaction with Juanjolote. Turibus conveniently takes you to the event venue, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the excitement of high-quality basketball.



Departure 1:

Scheduled dates

- February: 05th

- March: 03rd

Departures from Mexico City

* Reforma 222 (at the vehicle bay) - 02:30 p.m.

Departure 2:

Scheduled dates

- February: 13th, 28th & 29th

- March: 04th

Departures from Mexico City

* Reforma 222 (at the vehicle bay) - 06:30 p.m.



Adults (13 years and older)

> $499.00 MXN

Children (4 to 12 years)

> $469.00 MXN

*Prices displayed are subject to change without prior notice.

What’s included?

What’s included?

- Tour aboard Turibus

- Admission to an NBA G League basketball game

- Interaction with Juanjolote

- Group coordinator

- Traveler's insurance

The availability of the tour is subject to the operating schedule of the experience.

Tips to make the most of your tour:

Tips to make the most of your tour:

* Comfortable clothing and shoes

* Cap or hat

* Sunscreen

* Sunglasses

* Arrive 30 minutes before your departure

*For a better experience, please adhere to onboard regulations.

*Avoid the use of umbrellas and remain seated while the unit is in motion.

*Refer to our Terms and Conditions of use, as well as our Service Policies and Customer's Privacy Policy.